Waterfall Lace Net Curtain in White – TT765

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A hugely popular heavy waterfall design made with semi shiny yarn .

Unit of measurement

Custom Drop Length

If you require a drop length that is not available in the standard sizes above, then we can cut down the next size up and false slot the top of your curtain using a strip of plain net to give you the exact drop you need. The cost for this service is £1.50 per metre in addition to the cost of the next standard size up from the drop you require. If you require a custom drop please click on the first size bigger than the drop you need in the box above , then fill in the exact drop you want in the box below. Orders with alterations take an extra 1-2 days to dispatch.

Window width

Enter the window width that you require in the field below.

What gather do you require:

Select the gather you require below. Twice the window width is generally the recommended amount of gather, two and a half times will give a fuller look and more may obscure the pattern.

Do you require the nets finishing:

Orders with Overlocked or Hemming will take an extra 1-2 days to dispatch.

What room is this order for:

It's helpful to let us know which room this product is for. We can then use this when we send you the nets to make it easier for you when you unwrap.

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